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Stellplatz Scandinavia PRO

4.07 usd

Number one stellplatz app for Scandinavia!Stellplatz Pro Scandinavia is the paid version of the app Stellplatz Scandinavia! This paid version is ad-free and also includes some extra features.
Extra features in this paid version:- Ad-free- Add Personal notes- Filter favorites- Flag places as favorite
Here you will find thousands of motorhome places in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
You can choose to see all the locations on a map or as a list. The map zooms in on your location, making it easy to locate the pitches in your vicinity.
Share images and comments with other users.
Automatic syncing of locations keeps them updated and new ones added. The locations are then stored locally on the device to reduce data traffic.
Via buttons you can easily send the position of the location on to google maps (for streetview, directions, etc.) or to navigation app.
Each place includes information such as- Access to toilets, showers, electricity and drinking water- Sewage dump- Lakeside- If its fee- Open all year round- Shop- Caravans allowed
Features:- View all pitches on map- List all pitches- Filter places (eg. show only parking lot places)- Filter favorites- Add your own pitches- Detailed information on each location- Show type of pitch in detail view (Stellplatz, parking space, marina etc)- Automatic update of pitches- Show your location on the map- Use fact symbols or plain text
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